Our Story

We started dating 2007 and fell hard quick for each other. We had a courthouse wedding in December 2008 and unfortunately got no photos, dress or any of the ”wedding” things. Which we didn’t mind at the time but now we wish we had. The lack of photos and cherishing that special time in our lives has fueled our passion to capture the beautiful moments of a couples beginning on their own journey.

 Although we didn’t have an extravagant wedding; we do have a beautiful marriage. Which includes open communication, trolling each other (you’ll see a lot of) and supporting each other’s dreams. We make a perfect team; I break the ice by making horrible dad jokes, and Oscar knows exactly what direction to give you  to get all the expressive photos. 

We want you to have both a beautiful marriage and wedding! Photographs are the only lasting part of  the day you begin your lives together. We strive to capture the raw moments in a unique way that you’ll look back years from now and feel like you are back in that moment waiting to walk down the aisle, butterflies in your stomach ready to take the leap together. No matter how intimate your wedding or elopement we’ll be sure to capture all those emotions for you. 



You guys my Birthday is on Valentines Day so I was basically made for this *insert heart eyes*. If you hit us up, you're speaking to me. So expect a lot of unnecessary(but totally necessary) exclamation marks and emojis. I'm a wife to my amazing husband and partner Oscar, and mama of  5 kiddos who I refer to as my minions. Its chaotic but I love them to the moon and wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm either being a homebody, editing and watching Netflix, listening to music or out adventuring/exploring and eating all the things. There is no in between. I'm a multi-passionate person,so I have about a million ideas going through my head at all times. Coaching, Children's books, Diy projects etc, but Wedding Photography is my main boo, that none of those things can replace. If you're not a hugger tell me now because I don't do handshakes. I'm super chill and down to Earth, so if that's you we'll get along great.



I am a Husband & a Father, I have 5 little gremlins with the love of my life Dassi, who I have been married to 10 years(this year)! Some people say I have too many hobbies, that's probably true. I'm always keeping my mind busy, when I'm not shooting. I'm an avid fisherman, you'll catch me at the local lakes hoping to catch that world record bass, if not that;
I'll be in the garage working on a project car that I've been spending too much time on, and lastly... editing, editing is half the magic in the photography world.
Which brings me to my passion, Photography. This obsession has changed my perspective on the way I view life. Bringing your love stories alive through my images is what fuels me. There's no better feeling knowing that
I can capture true love & emotion, pausing that moment in time for you to cherish for a lifetime.
I can't wait meet you beautiful souls, let's create some magic together!