Heyyyy! We’re Oscar and Dassi! Bffs married 11 years this year, and although we drive each other crazy sometimes, were also crazy about each other! We have 5 kiddos who we call Wildlings(because Game of Thrones obvs)who we love adventuring with, and also trolling a little. We live in a beautiful desert town of Southern California that we adore! Our favorite thing about living here is that were an hour away from the mountains,forest,beach, all the things! We believe memes+ gifs are a love language, and acceptable forms of communication and are BIG ambiverts, I didn't even know that was a thing LOL, to get to know us better check out our IG! we’re always being weirdos and showing our true colors there.

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HEYYY!! Honeslty so honored you made it this far! I know when you look for a photographer for your wedding its a one time thing, so you're not sure what to expect! Let me tell you what we're about!

Oscar and I do things a little different on your wedding day. We don't just show up, pose you, and snap your photos! We want to meet you at an engagement session, laugh together, make you remember how you two lovebirds met, and give you all the FEELS for each other, our goal is that when you see those photos you FEEL all of it, all over again!

Capturing you two, just the way you are together. Inside jokes, little quirks, big laughs and intimate moments- we are HERE for that!

Of course we'll get the formal photos, that’s what your mama wants. But, we'll also hang out, guide you into prompts, make you feel comfortable(trust me everyone thinks they're awkward and I SO get that)

but afterwards, I always hear that it was SO much fun! Our style is warm and moody, but with color! We specialize in outdoor weddings and elopements, and over everything we just want to give you a BOMB ass experience and be your frandd!

If in your head your saying YASSS! Contact me below and let's do this!