Heyyyy! We’re Oscar and Dassi! Bffs married 11 years this year and although we drive each other crazy sometimes, were also crazy about each other! We have 5 kiddos who we call Wildlings( because Game of Thrones obvs) who we love adventuring with and also trolling a little. We live in a beautiful desert town of Southern California that we adore! Our favorite thing about living here is that were an hour away from the mountains,forest,beach, all the things! We believe memes+ gifs are a love language, and acceptable forms of communication and are BIG ambiverts, I didn't even know that was a thing LOL, to get to know us better check out our IG! we’re always being weirdos and showing our true colors there.

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We’re a California wedding+elopement photography team most passionate about telling your story and capturing those real,raw in between moments. We have a unique approach to your day, we like to capture all the little things you don’t notice- like the way your parents are watching you exchange promises, or how your love looks at you when you’re not paying attention. We want to capture the FEELS of your day! We’re not about that posing life.Yes we take some formals! They’re nice to have and that’s what your mama and grandma want to print and show off to anyone who will look, BUT our main focus is capturing the way you and your husbabe to be interact with each other. We want to capture the way you joke and play with each other, your quirks and your tears. We want you to look back and remember what it felt like being back in that moment.  Because THOSE moments are the authentic, amazing moments of your elopement or wedding day you'll never want to forget. They are much more valuable to us (and if you feel the same you've come to the right place.)That’s why we get to know you! We won’t be some random strangers, and a date in our calendar. We’ll feel like old friends, we’re gonna get to know you and your story and give you a killer experience. Because the experience of getting your photos taken MATTERS. It’s how we’re able to make our couples comfortable to get those giggly, intimate, candid in between shots that make you FEEL your love. It's not just about instagram-worthy photos for us. Let’s be honest if you are just looking for any person with a camera, or you need a photographer to check off your vendor list,we’re probably not meant to be and that's ok! We know we’re not the cheapest, it’s because we care, we give a damn about you and will do everything we can to make sure your wedding or elopement photos are ones you are proud to show your grandchildren one day. We’re crazy passionate about people who ask us into their lives to document their story. We got you and when we say that we MEAN IT. we’re photographers for the adventurers, the silly and carefree lovers! The brides who don't mind getting their dress a little dirty, jumping into the water or sneaking out of their reception for sunset photos. Eloping in the mountains?We’re there in a heartbeat. Getting married in a National Park? Here for that and we’ll help you plan it too! We specialize in outdoor weddings and adventurous elopements, but honestly, no matter where your adventure takes place, if you value the experience over perfectly posed photographs, we'll be perfect for each other. Our style is rich and warm, with some moodiness; photos that are raw, candid, and tell a story. That's why we’re in this,for you, to tell your story and make it a BOMB ass experience, because after all is said and done the photos are all you have left to remember it by!