Why you should scrap all the fancy stuff and plan an intimate wedding

The wedding industry tries to show you these huge, extravagant affairs that end up costing a couple tens of thousands of dollars. Making them compare themselves to other couples whose wedding they just attended and feeling the need to have something similar, so they feel they “did it right”. Here are a few reasons why having a more intimate wedding can benefit you.

1.)   This is the day you’re beginning your journey together; do you want all kinds of guests including second cousins you met once at that family reunion there? Extra people=Extra money spent on food, favors and likely a larger venue. Chances are cousin Jill wouldn’t have lost any sleep over you not inviting her. Instead, maybe invite only close family and friends.


2.)   Do you think you’ll feel rushed on a timeline since you know lots of guests are waiting? Close family and friends help you be more relaxed and get to live and remember your day the way you want to.


3.)   You can be laxer with your budget knowing you don’t have 100+ guests to provide for. Spend more where you want to; with an activity, a really bomb dj or your dream wedding photographer/videographer.


4.)   You get to make it more custom to you two. A more intimate affair means that all your guests will understand why you chose to hire a margarita truck and tacos instead of a formal sit-down affair. Because who doesn’t like tacos?


5.)   Quality time with your guests. All those people who are near and dear to you? Yeah, you can actually spend time talking and having a good time with them. Not stretching yourself thin running around trying to greet everyone and not having enough time to enjoy your meal.


6.)   Destination wedding? It’s an option if you don’t have to worry about a ton of guest’s airfare and travel arrangements. Enjoy the gorgeous views, chill vibes, and essentially have a little vacation, who doesn’t want that?

Let me know in the comments below if you agree, or disagree and why. I'd love all your input!