Five modern wedding trends that are killing it-in a good way!

Head Ware

Sometimes I feel like brides feel a need to wear a veil because that’s what is traditionally worn. I love headpieces so much more. On your special day you want to look your best, most brides even hire a makeup artist. The veil covers most of your beautiful face! They get in the way more than they enhance anything in my opinion. They are beautiful but from a photographer’s perspective 70% of the times in weddings I’ve shot with veils it ends up coming off and having to be fixed multiple times, they also cover your face during emotional shots. I love headpieces of all varieties because they are more of an accessory and enhance and personalize your wedding day attire, but don’t get in the way.


Wedding Day Attire

These dresses look amazing in the bridal shop when you try them on, but may I suggest trying to walk or dance without having to hold your dress or trip on yourself? If you want to go for the long train be sure to invest in a bustle if you want to dance and move freely. I’m all about the moment and I just want to see you have fun on your special day, I’m sure you do too!



“I promise to love, cherish and honor you till death do us part.” It’s part of a traditional monologue we all can’t wait to say on our special day! An alternative that I love to see trending is the response from the bride/groom and wedding guests when the couple make it more personal by saying things that are relevant to them like “I can’t promise I’ll be the best cook or try to be, but I promise to always have plenty of snacks on hand” make your vows memorable and emotional you won’t regret it!

First Looks

You know those super emotional gorgeous photos you’ve been seeing all over the internet where the groom is facing away and his bride comes behind him, gently places her hand on his shoulder and he turns around to see his soon to be wife looking as radiant as ever. That expression is something you will never forget. The kind that will make you teary-eyed when your kids grow up and you tell them the story. Traditionally the groom doesn’t see his bride until she walks down the aisle, but I love when they choose to take an intimate moment before all of the chaos of the day. Sometimes grooms don’t want to be emotional in front of a crowd so they have funny/serious faces to cover it up. Of course, everyone reacts differently but a groom is more likely to give his true reaction when the moment is with his best friend in a private moment.

(plus, the pictures are to die for!)

 Bridesmaids Dresses

Traditionally bridesmaids all match in the same dress. Usually there’s some debate going into that because everyone’s comfortable wearing different styles. I love the “Ombre colors, same dress” or “same color, different style” trend. Making sure their unique personalities are displayed plus everyone loves a happy bridal party!  No more “I’ll cut it short and wear it again” rather, everyone has something they like to begin with.


These are just personal opinions. Everyone does things different and priorities vary from couple to couple. These are just little things to consider. What’s most important is that you love your special day because it’s all about you, and who you love joining families and lives. All the other stuff is irrelevant.