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We want you to have a marriage more beautiful than any wedding.

Having a traditional wedding is NOT your jam. When your friends heard you got engaged they instantly asked you questions about when and where it’s all going down and you’re instantly riddled with anxiety and feel SO misaligned. I’m here to tell her you that it’s OK to not want a “normal” wedding. It’s actually more common than you think. So release that idea of what it’s “supposed to be” and make it perfect for you two. When you think of eloping , you instantly think of Las Vegas, a drive through ceremony that summarizes and begins your life together?! Mmmm no. Just the two of you may or may not feel right either! You may still want your closest friends and family with you! You both deserve better, more! A day you wake up peacefully in the mountains or near a beach, you slip into that beautiful dress or suit you picked out, casually get ready while reading the handwritten vows you’ve been pouring your heart into. You meet with that gorgeous scenery behind you and see your love, all dressed up. Your mind races thinking of your future, all you’ve been through together and the raw uncontainable love you feel for one another. You exchange your promises, pop some champagne and want to celebrate! Is that it? No!! You should celebrate exactly the way you want to! Do what you love to do together, hike and explore, go out to eat somewhere new, take a tiki boat to the nearby lake, cut a cake and have some wine. Jump into a waterfall and swim the day away, literally the possibilities are endless! Choosing not to have a traditional wedding doesn’t make this day ANY less important. This will still be what you look back on years and years down the road. It’ll be the story you tell your grandkids when you’re old and grey. It’ll be what you think of on each anniversary. So do you and CELEBRATE they way you want!


Hey! We are Oscar+Dassi a dorky married couple with a big family and wild dreams! In 2016, we started this adventure of following them. We became obsessed with documenting life with emotion and connection.

On a typical day, we can be found exploring the outdoors, kids in ten different directions, and camera in hand. Its chaotic, fun, and memorable- but in our mind that's what life's about!


We're obsessed with creating photos inspired by you and your fun, quirky, adventurous,romantic and authentic love.

Real life moments inspire us. We give gentle directions to help you into beautiful, natural poses without actually “posing.”

Your story is one of a kind. That's why it's our priority to capture all the emotion on the day your adventure starts, whether it be on a windswept mountaintop, seaside cliff or anywhere in between.


Let’s Party Together!

Can’t wait to hear all about the adventure you two are dreaming up!

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